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On Copyright and the CC Movement (#en3177)

Although it is being used by huge names like Google, Flickr, and Wikipedia, I had never heard of Creative Commons until now. For a writer, especially, it is useful. If I wanted to share my work on the internet, Creative Commons would make it so that other literary enthusiasts could spread the word but ensure the intellectual property still belongs to me.

While I was learning about this form of protection, I was struck most by the statement, “Creative Commons licenses are not an alternative to copyright. They work alongside copyright and enable you to modify your copyright terms to best suit your needs.” (Source.) Essentially, I decide what I want to be shared. The range of options is astounding. This license could be used by a single artist or a giant corporation.

Expanding more on intellectual property rights – another topic I knew next to nothing about before this week – copyright would be highly beneficial for my writing because “the legal protection of new creations encourages the commitment of additional resources for further innovation.” (Source.) Knowing that my work is secure and protected is certainly encouragement to continue producing it.

In regards of how I would license my work for this class, I would pursue a Creative Common license if the articles were more creatively inclined, rather than mainly assignment content. I’d choose this route because it’s completely free and is a guarantee that my words will never be stolen or used without my permission.


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