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Reflection on Bootcamp (#en3177)

These past two weeks, I have been extremely busy fulfilling the requirements of a class called Weblogs and Wikis. Our professor assigned a series of tasks and called it “Bootcamp”. Which now feels very appropriate. I would say that the amount of work is what gave me the most trouble. While I’m not complaining, it was certainly a challenge to keep up with the deadlines and remain thorough in my work! I handled it by staying up late and forcing myself to remain productive when Netflix was all-too tempting a distraction.

It started off simply enough. After printing off all the necessary resources, like the Daybook and the syllabus, I created a blog on WordPress and posted an introduction about myself. The focus of it was mainly on my writing, since that is such a huge part of who I am. It was also vital that I remember to use #en3177 for any post that addresses course work.

Next I proceeded to open a Twitter account. I also logged into Feedly for the first time and learned how to use the site, which is how I delved into the murky waters of RSS. I wrote a post about this, as well, going over my findings and conclusions on the topic, also making sure to follow everyone else in the class. Additionally, we were encouraged to study up on copyright and the CC movement.

During all of this I read the course materials our professor assigned us – one important resource was Missing Manual and the course statement itself – along with independent studying and practicing with weblogs and wikis. I was constantly toying with my blog and embedding media into posts I’d already written, such as why I like to write. Also making sure my name was on the site, playing with tags and categories, adding a title and an “about” page, adjusting the navigation options. This was difficult for me, and it still is. WordPress is not the simplest of templates to work with!

This past weekend I took the opportunity to explore and comment on my classmates’ blogs. Everyone seems to have learned just as much as I have and their work is concise and admirable. I enjoyed reading every single post.

If I could do the bootcamp all over again, I would spend even more time writing posts, which is what I enjoyed most. Putting the lessons into my own words helped clarify the topics at hand. Though I’m more well-versed now, I would ask my professor questions about the different categories of CC, since I missed the fact that there are more than one during my studies.

So while the bootcamp was hardly easy, it was enlightening and gratifying. Learning about these things – RSS and CC, blogging and social media – are so important in today’s world. I’m excited to see what’s next.


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