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Reflection on Rettburg’s Blogging: Chapter One and Chapter Two (#en3177)

This week for my Weblogs and Wikis class, I read the first two chapters of Jill Walker Rettburg’s Blogging and wrote a separate post on each. The first chapter was very much about the different kinds of blogging. According to the author, there is personal blogging, filter blogging, and topic-driven blogging. “In a nutshell,” I wrote, “personal blogging is similar to having a diary… the most obvious difference here being that it is a diary written for an audience.” I browsed the web and found many examples of this.

In regards to filter blogging, I learned that it “is drastically different from personal. In a way, these are sites dedicated to directing readers to other sites.” To fulfill the requirements of the assignment, I also linked to examples of this.

Then there was topic-driven blogs, which was very easy to find! These blogs are “sites dedicated to mainly one aspect of life, whether it be a job, a hobby, an issue, etc.” Being a writer, I naturally turned to this niche. The beauty of this assignment was that it forced me to expand my horizons and continue searching for other appropriate blogs.

When I moved on to the next chapter in Blogging, I focused on Rettburg’s theories on printed precedents of blogs. Our professor tells us that “early print was a dialogue between writers as they wrote in response to each other. Modern print is less so, with the media controlling feedback from readers, and circulation requiring money and resources. But blogs makes everyone a publisher. Publishing changes shape the style and tone of the work to suit the targeted audience, something that changes when you distribute media online” (source).

While this is a topic that can have various conclusions, I closed my post with the statement that “social networking is our main source of main communication. While this certainly has drawbacks, there are so many benefits, as well. The world is always changing, and we have no choice but to change with it.”

I learned a lot this week, and I can’t wait to see what else Rettburg has in store for us.


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