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On Rettburg and Blogging: Chapter Five (Part Three) (#en3177)

One of the ideas in this chapter is how a blog is being used as a mirror or “as a way of reflecting on events”. This certainly applies in the case of Kiersten White’s site, but the story isn’t as comprehensive as some. Especially recently. Back when she began blogging in 2008, she posted consistently and had variety of professional and personal posts. They easily came together to form a narrative. Now, however, there is a lot being left out, like the author’s day-to-day life or other personal highlights that might be occurring. If I were to look for a narrative now, Kiersten White’s blog isn’t holding up very well. There just aren’t many contiguous or story-like posts.

Lately, the main thing that seems to sparks off a post is new information or a specific occasion. That is, author-related updates Kiersten provides for her fans and readers such as public upcoming events. There doesn’t seem to be an obligation to post regularly, and in one instance she even apologizes for the lack of new posts. There is a notable absence of things like daily routine. Either she has become too busy to update as regularly as she used to – in her latest publication she mentioned how her entire family was ill – she lost her passion for blogging, or she decided to shift the focus of her site.

When it comes to presenting the blog as a public narrative, Kiersten White doesn’t go to many extents. There are one or two markers when I looked a little closer, like directly addressing the reader, which signals she does know someone is reading. Examples of this can often be found at the very beginning of her posts, like here and here when she says things like “hello, my lovelies” or “I am positively exploding… on account of the news I have for you today”.

Given all that I’ve seen in my reading of the blog and writing about it, the main thing this helps me understand about blogging is that our perception of it can change. We can go from believing them to be one thing, following and reading the posts for a long time, and suddenly realize that we’ve either been exposed to different content than we were expecting or our own views of the site have altered. Does that make sense? I went from firmly thinking of Kiersten White’s blog as an ongoing narrative – as a narrative in general! – to questioning whether it’s one at all.

Guess I’ll have to keep digging and reading Rettburg’s chapters.


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