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Reflection on Sentences About

This week one of the biggest steps I took in my research of Wikis was creating my own name page. After attending class on Tuesday and becoming familiar with the assignment, I created a new page within this – something else I’ve only recently learned how to do – and organized it into two headings. These were “Pages I Created” and “Pages I Contributed to”.

Which led me into Sentences About. The general goal was to write on a wiki, so this is what I focused on. My additions and contributions were rudimentary, at best, but that was the point of this week. To get an idea, to begin, to dip our toes into the waters. We were instructed to select three links, do research, and write about it.

So I chose “The Audience“, “Collective Writing“, and “Audience as Family“. I actually created the first one, since no one else had yet. After briefly exploring what the term itself means, I researched the various strategies to reach that audience and found examples of successful blogs utilizing these. I certainly learned more about the meaning of “audience”, but I’m not sure that was the point of the exercise. More importantly, I learned how to format a wiki page and the freedom involved in creating one.

The other two I was simply a contributor. For “Collective Writing” I did research on the topic and added to the disadvantages involved with this. I also found examples of sites or platforms supporting the idea. Since “Audience as Family” was largely set up as a discussion rather than a set of notes, I added my own thoughts and insights into what it means to view a wiki audience as family rather than a target. I also added a link back to the “Collaborative Writing” page since the two topics were so closely related.

While I don’t think my notes were thorough, I do feel I was successful in achieving this week’s goal. I’m much more familiar with what it is to work on a wiki and collaborate on one.


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